Should I Apply to Stuyvesant?

Stuyvesant High School 

School Ranking

With the highest SHSAT cutoff score, Stuyvesant High School is one of the most prestigious public high schools in the New York Metro Area, known for nurturing and enhancing the academic talents of its students. Ranked among the top three high schools in the borough, Stuyvesant students can take AP coursework and exams throughout their four years on campus. 


Stuyvesant embraces a rich heritage of Science, Mathematics, and Technology. They are known for their highly competitive and high-achieving student body, resulting in significant academic competition and pressure. The school’s test scores are significantly higher than the state average, indicating that most students perform at or above grade level. The college-preparatory curriculum at Stuyvesant mainly includes four years of English, history, and laboratory-based sciences.  

Community and Culture

The school offers a unique opportunity to be surrounded by incredibly bright and enthusiastic peers. At the beginning of each fall session, first-year students and sophomores who enroll in the onboarding program to Camp Stuy familiarize themselves with the campus while engaging with their peers. Students often mention that while some teachers are exceptional, there is a noticeable variation in teaching quality, with some being average or below average. In terms of social life, Stuyvesant provides numerous opportunities for students to join extracurricular activities. Each year the school sponsors a fair that spans three building floors for students to explore, learn about, and promote all the different clubs. Although Stuyvesant High School may not be the most diverse, it manages to support minority groups through clubs that bring together students who share similar backgrounds. 

College and Preparation

The school provides extensive materials and resources to ensure students can perform to their best. Former students praise Stuyvesant’s approach to teaching students coping mechanisms and time management skills to prepare for college-level coursework. Stuyvesant students feel a sense of togetherness as they work with alums returning year after year to offer their scholarships, assistance, and wisdom to current students. 

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