A graduate of Stuyvesant High School (Class of 2010) and Vanderbilt University (Class of 2014), Kenny Tan has over 10,000 hours of test prep experience on both sides of the table, as tutor and as student. As a result, he knows which tutoring strategies work and which just create busywork.

Since Kenny began teaching in 2010, he has worked with hundreds of students ranging from the elementary through high school level. Many of his students have gone on to attend New York’s most selective public and private schools, as well as Ivy League and other highly competitive universities.

Our Services

ISEE Tutoring

The ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam), like the similar SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test), is designed to measure a student’s verbal and analytical skills as compared to those of other students in the same grade. 

SSAT Tutoring

The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is generally the entrance exam required by boarding schools throughout the United States and Canada. However, it is also accepted by many New York City independent day schools as an alternative to the ISEE.

HSPT Tutoring

The HSPT (High School Placement Test) is used for admissions by several of New York City’s most competitive Catholic high schools, including Regis, Xavier, Loyola, and Fordham. For information about specific schools, please refer to the school’s website to determine which test to take and where to go.

SHSAT Tutoring

As a full-time professional tutor, I’m very familiar with the material that appears on the SHSAT (Specialized High School Admission Test), having taken it myself for admission to Stuyvesant (Class of 2010).My proven approach to SHSAT tutoring has been cultivated over a decade of teaching the SHSAT

SAT Tutoring

The SAT is a college entrance exam accepted by all college admissions offices in the United States and Canada. Because the SAT has significant differences from the ACT, it is important to determine which test is better suited to a student’s abilities and test-taking style.

ACT Tutoring

The ACT is a college entrance exam accepted by all college admissions offices in the United States and Canada as an alternative to the SAT. Because the ACT is substantially different from the SAT, some students find it better suited to their aptitude, style, and test-taking skills.


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Our Approach


We evaluate each student’s strengths, weaknesses, learning styles, and study habits to target the areas with most potential for improvement.


We customize our tutoring to fit each student’s learning style and focus on teaching challenging new concepts.

We assign homework based on the specific areas where students need to practice and improve.
We track improvement with timed practice exams and quizzes to prepare students for actual test conditions and identify areas that need to be reviewed.


Mr. Tan is as professional as Test Prep Tutors can get. He is friendly, well organized, very patient and skilled in his field. Kenny Tan helps students raise their scores to another level high enough to place them in their #1 choice at the high school level. Kenny will be seeing many more of the same students when they approach their final high school years and begin to prepare for college. Using Kenny Tan's knowledge and expertise a second time for the college preps in my book is a no brainer.
Dominic Barletta
Dominic Barletta
12:37 17 Sep 22
Mr. Tan was extremely helpful with SAT prep. As a student-athlete with a busy schedule he was very accommodating and flexible with scheduling. He was very patient and my score improved by a wide margin. Thank you!
Haley Clayton
Haley Clayton
16:38 29 Aug 22
Kenny was flexible, professional, organized, friendly, and kept my son on track for SAT prep. Both as parents and as students, we were all very satisfied with Kenny's careful and methodical instruction. We will be calling him for SAT prep help for kid number 2 when the time comes!
Laura Bozarth
Laura Bozarth
13:12 23 Jun 22
If you are serious about getting into the top schools, Kenny Tan is your only option. Kenny takes test prep to another level. His approach is uncommon. Thanks Kenny. Our son scored a top 1% SAT score.
Brian M
Brian M
11:57 20 Apr 22
Kenny was great and helped our son get a score high enough to comfortably get into his first choice school, Stuyvesant. Kenny is patient, calm, and meticulous. He's also a good listener and pushes his students to understand and explain their thought processes to get them to reflect on strengths and weaknesses and embrace concrete plans to improve. With Kenny, our son took test prep seriously and he described test prep sessions as interesting and even fun.
Jonathan Conning
Jonathan Conning
14:54 13 Apr 22
Can't say enough about the care he shows toward our son. He is a god send.
20:49 10 Nov 21
Great SAT tutor. His teaching method is super efficient and he explains everything really clearly. He is also very flexible with scheduling. Very highly recommend.
Illia Filipacchi
Illia Filipacchi
00:10 05 Nov 21
Kenny is a wonderful tutor! He is highly professional and has been tremendously helpful in preparing my son and daughter for the SHSAT. He is very patient and gave each of them an individual plan to approach the exam based on what they needed to work on most. He was always on time and prepared, while still being flexible when something came up for us last minute. He did an excellent job and I am confident my daughter will do well on the exam. My son is currently attending Brooklyn Tech. Thanks to Kenny!
Kati Fulton
Kati Fulton
00:05 02 Feb 21

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