What to Know About Taking the International SAT and the ACT

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Students wishing to take the SAT or ACT outside of the United States should carefully explore all of their testing options in advance of the digital SAT’s debut. Today, students may be wondering about taking a formal exam, the SAT digital format available, as well as the focus they need to give for the ACT.

To begin the planning process, it is vital to know all the information. Read on to discover what to know about taking the international SAT and the ACT.

Getting Prepared for the Test

Examine the upcoming academic year’s timetable. If you have significant commitments on the days of the SAT or ACT tests, your performance may decrease. If this is the case, determine the best times of year to study and take tests. You should arrange a total of three formal tests to optimize the number of points you earn and your familiarity with the test.

If you can prepare for and take exams at your leisure, you will have more time to focus on the exam’s structure and experience. You may perform better on paper exams than on digital ones, depending on how you approach test taking; the length of the test and the format it arrives in may also be important. You have less stamina for taking tests, thus the digital version of the SAT, which is shorter, may suit you better. It’s conceivable that the ACT is suitable for your reading level. Because there are so many distinct factors to consider, examinations for diagnosis are a fantastic place to start.

After you’ve decided what’s most essential to you, you should explore your options.

The Test: Knowing the Deadlines

  • The Timeline: December 2022

You should take the SAT on paper or the ACT online (outside the U.S.). Choose an examination that corresponds to both your level of acquaintance with the topic matter and your test-taking style. Diagnostic testing is an excellent starting point.

  • The Timeline: Spring of 2023

The computer-administered ACT is your best alternative, unless you explicitly wish to take a paper-based test in the United States. The College Board and the testing site administrators will have extra time to iron out any flaws introduced by postponing the first two administrations of the new digital SAT. Because of this, you will have more time to wait for more practice tools and become acquainted with the digital SAT before taking the test.

  • The Timeline: June 2023

In such cases, you can take either the ACT or the new SAT online. Choose an examination that corresponds to both your level of acquaintance with the topic matter and your test-taking style. The diagnostic procedure should be carried out initially.

The Test Format: Knowing the Right Test for You

  • Starting Strong and Moving Slow

If you perform well at the beginning of an exam but then gradually deteriorate, the digital SAT is the better option. You will appreciate the fact that the test is not overly formal and may be changed as needed.

  • Warming Up and Getting comfortable

If you need time to warm up and get comfortable before the examination, the paper SAT or the computer-based ACT will be your best options. 

The results of the diagnostic should act as a guidepost for your decision-making. If you complete all of your examinations before December 2022, you may be allowed to take the paper version of the SAT; nevertheless, the ACT may be a better alternative for you. 

You could also prepare for the paper version of the SAT first and then switch to the ACT in the spring, or you could wait until the initial administration concerns are handled before preparing for the digital edition of the SAT; this is another alternative.


Every student knows how daunting it can be to prepare for and take important tests such as the SAT and the ACT. As such, preparation is vital. When preparing for these exams, know your options, take note of crucial information, and study well. With these steps, you can score high and open up many opportunities.

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