These Are the Major Differences between the SAT and SSAT


In high school, you’ll come across acronyms like SAT, ACT, and FAFSA, and more relevant to college application and education in general.

The abbreviations SAT and SSAT are frequently misunderstood by both students and their parents. Knowing what either means will help you understand how it plays into your academic journey.

What is the Purpose of the SSAT? 

Applicants to private schools can take the SSAT, a standardized test. Students in three grade levels can take the tests: third and fourth grade, middle school, and high school (8th to 11th graders). 

The SSAT tests a student’s arithmetic, reading, and writing abilities. The SSAT scores are not included in your college application, and the test was designed to gauge a student’s ability in specific skills. The College Board and the Enrollment Management Association (EMA) administer SSAT.

SSAT Test Proper

Sections for quantitative, verbal, reading, experimental, and writing examples are included in the SSATs. Analogy questions and reading passages are the main focus of the verbal and reading sections. 

Both verbal and reading/mathematics questions appear in the experimental portion. The writing sample is not evaluated and is merely a motivation for more writing. 

On the other hand, schools use these samples to evaluate pupils’ writing abilities. Only students in the United States and Canada are eligible to take this exam from home.

There is a time limit difference between elementary and middle school SSATs. The upper/middle school students have three hours and ten minutes to finish their test. 

This time includes a 10-minute break. There is a 15-minute break for elementary school students, although their test period is around 10 hours and 5 minutes.

There are no security concerns with SSATs. In addition, they are still relevant and a good predictor of students’ future performance. Educators and testing professionals are involved in preparing and reviewing the test.

What Does the SAT Stand for? 

One of the most widely acknowledged tests for admission to colleges and universities in the United States and abroad is the SAT, administered by the College Board. Math, reading, and writing comprise the three major components (which include an optional written essay). 

Most high school students take the SAT between 11 and 12. The Official SAT Practice is a popular way for students to prepare for the test.

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There are a total of four components in this exam. For reading and writing, there are two portions, whereas there are two for math. 

There are two parts to the math test: one where pupils can use a calculator, and the other where they can’t. There are a total of 154 questions. The range of possible results is 400 to 1600.

In recent years, the SAT’s structure has been altered. The essay portion of the SAT has been abolished.

In What Ways are They Similar? 

They both serve as a stepping stone to a certain school, the examinations are comparable in that they are designed to help pupils gain admission. When it comes to getting into a school, the SAT and SSAT are just one aspect of the student’s overall application. 

In both application circumstances, a student’s academic and extracurricular activities are critical.

In What Ways are They Different?  

The most important distinction is in each exam taker’s intended field of study. Using the SSAT, students in grades 4 through 11 can get admission to private schools. 

Students who take the SAT are more likely to get into colleges and universities. In addition, they are administered by two separate non-profits. 

The Admissions Management Association (AMA) administers SSAT, while the College Board (CB) administers SAT.

The Comparison of the SAT and SSAT

Due to their similar names, these two tests are sometimes misunderstood. Children, as well as their parents, are susceptible to this mistake. To stay clear of this blunder, it’s critical to understand the differences between these two tests. 


There are some major differences between the SAT and SSAT. The SAT is a more globally recognized test, while the SSAT is geared more towards private school admissions. 

The SAT covers a wider range of topics and is generally considered more difficult. The SSAT is shorter and focuses more on verbal and math skills.

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