How Practice Tests and Tutoring Help with the ACT and SAT

Big examinations such as the ACT and SAT can bring much pressure, making you blank out from test anxiety. That’s why registration for test preparation sessions and tutoring classes is at an all-time high. With tutoring, you can attain a stronger focus on your goal and more confidence, which helps you solve problems more quickly and accurately.

What’s more, tutoring sessions allow you to practice taking tests with the same structure and format you’ll find on the ACT or SAT, so you’re well prepared to do your best on the big day. If you want a deeper peek into how preparation such as practice tests and tutoring can help take the ACT and SAT, continue reading to learn more.

1) Get the Areas That Need Attention

The first thing tutors will do is to test you, usually with a diagnostic test, to get a solid sense of your strengths and weaknesses. Tutoring sessions will immediately identify areas you’re having trouble with.

In addition to identifying which subjects need attention, tutors can provide you with a step-by-step plan to tackle each content area effectively.

2) Measure Your Personal Performance Progress

As mentioned above, you’ll have a variety of tests in tutoring sessions, from practice tests to quizzes, which will help you measure your progress. The test scores you get from these sessions can give you a sense of where you stand in each subject.

When you practice tests, not only will you get a feel for taking the ACT and SAT, but you’ll also find out how much you’ve progressed in the areas you need to work on and learn what rooms you can feel confident in. This helps you gauge your performance and see what’s working and what’s not.

3) Condition Yourself with the Experience

The practice test you take in the tutoring sessions can prepare you for the real thing. A well-structured practice test will include sections similar to the real thing.

When you get comfortable, the practice tests will have supervision from your tutors and a time limit. Taking a practice test under these conditions will make you accustomed to the actual test and help you perform your best.

4) Differentiate Which Test Is Better For You

Whether it’s the ACT or SAT you’re taking, a little practice can go a long way toward boosting your score. Plus, by getting familiar with both tests, you can select the one you will feel most confident in when you take the test.

THE ACT and SAT are very different, after all, and it isn’t necessary to take both. With practice tests, you can help determine which test will be better for you. You can also request the opinion of your tutor after several sessions.


It’s simply no secret that the ACT and SAT are extremely important since they can allow you to go to your dream university. While both exams can be tricky, there are many ways to study effectively to help boost your scores on these exams.

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