Should I Apply to Bronx Science?

The Bronx High School of Science 

School Ranking

According to Niche, Bronx Science ranks 1st among New York City public high schools, offering an Advanced Placement® curriculum that prioritizes math and science, including genetics, multivariable calculus, and organic chemistry. In addition, several elective English and Social Studies minors complement the core Science and Mathematics curriculum. 


The Bronx High School of Science, or Bronx Science as it’s widely called, can be found in the Kingsbridge Heights section of the Bronx. Although recognized for its concentration on math and science, the school also emphasizes the humanities and social sciences. This approach has attracted diverse students with varying interests. The school’s solid academic focus has earned it a reputation as one of the best high schools in the country, known for its long-standing tradition of distinguished alums, many of whom have gone on to achieve great success. From Nobel Prize winners to Pulitzer Prizes recipients, the school has a remarkable record of success in producing well-known leaders across disciplines. 

Community and Culture 

Bronx Science’s “Big Sibs” program assigns every ninth-grade student a select group of upperclassmen to assist their transition from middle to high school as part of its mandatory Freshman Guidance program. A wealth of support is offered to current students through the Bronx Science Alumni Foundation and Parent Association. It maintains active and open communication channels to prepare students and meet their resource inquiries.

Aside from the daily instruction, students supplement their academic studies with elective courses and extracurricular activities where Bronx Science students proactively seek to form a sense of community. The school’s most notable program is the highly esteemed debate team, which is among the highest ranking in the nation. The Robotics division is the most progressive featuring its first all-female robotics team, the Fe(Iron) Maidens, independent of the Bronx Science Sciborgs, the co-ed robotics team. For those interested in linguistics, the World Language Department offers students the opportunity to study six languages, including Mandarin, French, and Spanish. Students interested in music may participate in band, orchestra, and other musical activities. 

Guidance and College Preparation

With nearly 3000 students enrolled, the school excels at providing small group instruction (SGI) sessions outside regular classes. These seminars allow students to work closely with their teachers to review material. Although a requirement for some students, many participate in the SGIs to build a rapport with the faculty while working on extra work. Each student is also assigned a pair of guidance counselors specialized in helping students prepare for college. In addition, Bronx Science hosts college representatives for students to meet and alums to lead practice interviews. As a result, Bronx Science graduates have attended prestigious universities like Yale, Tufts, Wesleyan, and Barnard and public universities like CUNY and SUNY.

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