Should I Apply to QHSS?

Queens High School for the Sciences at York College

School Ranking

The Queens High School for the Sciences at York College (QHSS) is a public specialized high school in New York City. Located in the heart of Queens on the campus of York College, QHSS ranks among the top three high schools and twenty-fifth in the nation. It is also one of the nine specialized high schools in the city.


The Queens High School for the Sciences (QHSS) at York College has been rapidly growing in popularity since its establishment in 2002. With a focus on providing an intellectually challenging and diverse educational experience, QHSS is an ideal choice for students passionate about STEM. 

Community and Culture

QHSS is home to a diverse student body, with most bilingual students and the children of recent immigrants coming from over a dozen countries, such as India, Korea, China, Russia, and Pakistan. The rich cultural diversity reflects the school’s 31 clubs, which include groups like the K-Pop Club, 1000 for Yemen, and QHSS Taalam. These clubs encourage students to share their cultures, fostering a sense of global citizenship and mutual understanding. Beyond the classroom, QHSS offers various extracurricular activities and clubs for students to explore their interests outside of academics, develop new skills, and form lasting friendships. The most popular is the Model United Nations (MUN), where students participate in conferences representing different countries and debating global issues, developing their research, public speaking, and diplomacy skills.

College and Preparation

The school is highly advanced, and the low admittance rate offers dedicated one-on-one time with faculty. Highly regarded as an institution that prioritizes college and career readiness, QHSS boasts 100% Advanced Placement (AP) student participation. These challenging courses allow students to earn college credit and better understand their chosen subjects. Despite the AP opportunities, students have expressed that overall course offerings and extracurricular activities are limited.  

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