Should I Apply to HSMSE?

High School for Math, Science, and Engineering (HSMSE)

School Ranking

The High School for Math, Science, and Engineering (HSMSE) is a public specialized high school in New York City, located at the City College of New York campus in upper Manhattan. Recognized as the most diverse school in New York City, HSMSE ranks eighth among the best public high schools. It is also one of the nine specialized high schools in the city.


The High School for Math, Science, and Engineering (HSMSE) offers a rigorous academic curriculum to prepare students for university. The curriculum focuses on math, science, and engineering while highlighting the importance of civic responsibility. The school challenges students to expand their intellect and curiosity while developing an expression for critical thinking and problem-solving—students who put in the effort will achieve excellence in all their studies.  

Community and Culture

HSMSE ensures that all students are well-equipped to thrive in today’s technology-driven world. The mandatory prerequisite for all students is to take at least five years of math, which includes one year of calculus. In addition, students take a core set of engineering courses, history, and humanities and are encouraged to study languages other than English, like German and Spanish. In addition, students can take electives across art, music, robotics, and gastronomy. The student body follows an A/B schedule that allows students to balance coursework, extracurriculars, and social life. Passionate about math and science, the school’s faculty use a collaborative, hands-on approach to educate students in honors, college, or AP courses. Teachers are committed to helping students excel and do so with rigor and a genuine affinity to support students on their academic path. 

College and Preparation

HSMSE’s faculty comprises a diverse roster of professional engineers, scientists, business leaders, and dynamic educators. Starting in the spring semester of junior year, students engage in a comprehensive, multi-tiered approach to explore colleges, majors, and academic programs. In addition, HSMSE ensures an open dialogue among faculty, students, and families as they embark on college prep, offering opportunities to meet school representatives and calendaring college trips well into their senior year.  

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