Viable Reasons to Enroll Your Teens in an SAT or ACT Camp


The SAT and ACT are two of the most important tests that a student can take in their high school career. With the right preparation and guidance, these exams can be the key to unlocking a successful future at college. That said, joining an SAT or ACT camp is one of the best ways to prepare for these tests.

Some parents are hesitant about the merits of an SAT or ACT prep camp or course, so listing some of its notable benefits may be the best approach to persuade them. Below are just a few examples.

1. Increased Grants and Other Forms of Financial Aid

Higher SAT or ACT scores lead to more scholarship opportunities and larger financial assistance packages for college.

For instance, the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) is used in the selection process for the National Merit Scholarship Program. When deciding who should receive merit-based scholarships, universities also place a heavy emphasis on SAT or ACT results. Finally, students who have better GPAs are more likely to receive generous financial aid packages (including more grants, work-study, and fewer loans) than their less successful counterparts.

College is expensive, so if parents can afford it, sending their child to a prep camp for the SAT or ACT could pay off in the long run.

2. Evaluate the Current Level of Readiness

Students can learn about their current test-taking abilities with the use of their unofficial test scores from a preparation camp for the SAT or ACT.

As a result, parents may evaluate their teen’s strengths and areas for improvement and work with their children to fill up any knowledge gaps. If a youngster has trouble remembering a topic, their parents can get a study guide or engage a tutor to help. They can also arrange to see their high school guidance counselor if they want to adjust their course load.

Parents can use their child’s SAT or ACT prep camp score to measure future success.

3. Additional Learning

Almost without exception, students who attend an SAT or ACT preparation camp end up with higher scores than they would have gotten by studying on their own.

Even while certain online and print courses can be cheaper, most teenagers learn best in a classroom or one-on-one setting. The instructor is the primary benefit. The teacher’s role goes beyond simply quizzing the pupils since extra help with the more difficult questions on the exam can be provided. In addition, the instructor can advise on how to approach problems and do better on tests.

Although the cost to parents may be higher, the benefits to their child’s SAT or ACT test performance will far outweigh the extra money spent.

4. Simpler Testing

Students who attend an SAT or ACT boot camp should expect to do better on test day.

Teens who are well-acquainted with the SAT or ACT’s structure and portions will have an easier time navigating the test and better utilizing their time. They’ll be able to think more critically and respond to queries with greater confidence because of their improved deductive reasoning skills. The test will still be difficult and demanding, but the student will feel less anxiety and uncertainty.


There is value in helping kids improve their test-taking skills; that is exactly what a prep camp for the SAT or ACT will do.

While attending a prep camp for the SAT or ACT can likely improve your student’s score, it is important to remember that it is no substitute for four years of high school. Make sure your child is following the most challenging curriculum and enrolling in AP courses.

Don’t put off signing your child up for an SAT or ACT prep camp or course until the summer before their final year of high school. In other words, the goal of these camps is to avoid making a final, desperate attempt. In order to have enough time to catch up and get back on track, students should begin preparing for college admission examinations during their freshman or sophomore year of high school.

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