What You Have To Know About Getting Into Hunter College High School


Understanding a Student’s Eligibility and Application

Hunter College High School (HCHS) opens the Fall 2023 application process for current 6th graders from New York City’s five boroughs who meet the exam eligibility requirements. The HCHS Entrance Exam is scheduled for Wednesday, April 5, 2023. 

5th grade NYS Math and ELA scores determine eligibility for 6th grade. Candidates must have at least a 622 in math and ELA. (623 or higher). The DOE will email and mail notifications to public school students who meet this criterion, but qualified candidates can apply once the admissions application is available. School counselors will evaluate student performance prior to issuing exam vouchers. 

Schools that did not give NYS Exams or students who opted out must present current report card scores with a minimum of 95 (or equivalent) in Math and ELA before the given deadline. Headmasters or Program Directors must attest to the success of homeschooled or grade-free students.  

Hunter College High School admits only 6th graders who meet residency and academic eligibility requirements for the HCHS entrance exam on April 5, 2023.

Applicants must live in one of New York City’s five regions and attend an NYC school. They must also earn at least 622 in math and 623 in ELA on the Spring 2022 New York State Fifth Grade Tests.

Meanwhile, Headmasters or Program Directors must attest to the success of homeschooled or grade-free students.

What to Know about the Entrance Exams

The HCHS assesses students’ knowledge, as well as evaluates students’ comprehension, problem-solving, analytical, and writing abilities on the exam.

The HCHS Entrance Exam consists of 50 multiple-choice English Language Arts questions, 30 arithmetic questions, and a writing task. Students have three hours to complete sections and questions in any order.

  • English Language Arts

A candidate’s reading skills are assessed in the multiple-choice Critical Reading section. Students demonstrate their understanding, interpretation, and analysis of different topics and writing styles by responding to questions about reading passages. There are questions in five or six reading sections of various lengths.

The passages demonstrate a range of writing techniques from different eras. Question and response formats diverge. This necessitates analysis and insight based on literary devices, rather than simple memorization.

  • Mathematics

The Mathematics Multiple-Choice Section assesses problem-solving abilities. Students are asked to solve a variety of problems, including multi-step ones involving: estimation; computations with fractions, decimals, percents, and integers; rules of divisibility; simple probability; rate; average; ratio, rates and proportions; time; distance; money; area of shaded regions; perimeter, area, and volume; counting; visual and numerical pattern recognition; two and three-dimensional figures including circles; algebra; arithmetic; word problems; sequences and patterns; comparisons; unit conversions; number line; absolute value; expression evaluation; inequalities; mild graphing; magic squares; visual math; spatial math; and logic.

  • Writing

In the Writing Assignment Section, students must demonstrate originality, effectiveness, correctness, and depth. Create a paper or creative work. Typically, two pages are required. This necessitates meticulous preparation and quick thinking.


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